Who We Are

Our History and Philosophy

DuBose was originally started in 1954 by Charles DuBose, Sr. as a steel services provider. Later, the company expanded into steel strapping and international trading. As part of this expansion, Charles DuBose, Jr. recognized the need to provide superior products at competitive prices via worldwide markets. From this vision, DuBose Industries, Inc. was founded in 1993 and is located in Clinton, North Carolina.

DuBose Industries, Inc. is committed to meeting all of our customers' needs by providing the following services:

  • A staff that includes Asian and American engineers
  • Bilingual office staff to ensure details are accurately relayed
  • Quality Control representatives in Asia
  • Logistics and warehousing services
  • 120,000 square feet of warehouse space



A Word From Charles DuBose, the founder of DuBose Industries, Inc.

It is the policy of DuBose Industries to be unexcelled in price, quality and service within the OEM markets which it serves.

Our sources in the People's Republic of China and Southeast Asia have been selected as those who have "state of the art" facilities and equipment, and those with the commitment to produce engineered components to the exacting standards of United States manufacturers. It is our policy to accept no orders for components unless the quality requirements can be met.

DuBose Industries, through control of transportation and warehouse facilities, maintains an unusually strong position in delivery and service to its customers at very competitive prices.

A multi-lingual staff assures effective communication and coordination of activity with our suppliers and our network of sales representatives assures prompt and experienced personal service. 

Charles DuBose, Founder

DuBose Industries, Inc.   904 Industrial Drive     Clinton, NC 28328

Mailing Address: PO Box 1069, Clinton, NC 28329      Phone: 910-590-1030     Fax: 910-590-1024      Email: info@duboseindustries.com